Teddington Auctions LTD (TA) Buyers Principal Terms and Conditions

  1. Only buyers who have registered with TA will be allowed to bid for lots.
    1. For those bidding in person at the auction, a registration form needs to be completed before bidding giving name, full address, email address and telephone number. A registration number and a corresponding “paddle” will be allocated, which must be shown when placing bids.
    2. On-line, bids must be made via www.easyliveauction.com (ELA) and bidders will be required to provide the details as requested by ELA.
    3. For absentee (commission) bids, TA will bid on your behalf. You may leave commission bids on the appropriate form (see TA Commission Bid Form on the TA website) either
      1. at the auction venue (up to 30 minutes before the beginning of the auction), or
      2. via email to contact@teddingtonauctions.co.uk or by telephone to 07596 100 317 / 07596 100 294. Phone and email bids must be received by TA before 5pm on the day before the auction.
  2. The Auctioneers reserve the right to sell in such order and manner as they shall decide and to withdraw any Lot at any time.

  3. The highest accepted bidder shall be deemed to be the buyer. Any bidder acting for anyone who is not bidding shall be jointly and severally liable with that person for satisfying all obligations and liabilities hereunder.

  4. The contract of sale is between the buyer and the seller and the sale is deemed to be complete and binding once the hammer has fallen.

  5. Should any dispute arise between 2 or more bidders, or between the auctioneers and any bidder, the Lot or Lots in dispute may be put up again or not, at the discretion of the Auctioneers, and their decision shall be final.

  6. The ownership of any Lot purchased shall not pass to the buyer until it has been confirmed that full payment has been received by TA.

  7. No Lot shall be removed from the Auction premises until paid for and a receipt obtained.

  8. Each Lot, at the fall of the hammer, shall immediately be considered as delivered and remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the buyer thereof and shall be removed at the buyer’s expense not later than 6.30pm on the day of the auction.

  9. For on-line bidders (those using the ELA auction service) and other absentee bidders who have not paid at Elleray Hall on the day of the auction, invoices will be sent by email within a day of the auction and purchased lots may be paid for and collected on the next day (Tuesday) at Elleray Hall between 6pm and 8pm. If such buyers are unable to collect at this time, they must pay the invoice and request a quotation for postage. (see Postage/Packing policy below).

  10. Any undertaking of TA or their servants to take charge of any Lots after the Sale or to forward them to their destination shall not be held to impose upon TA any legal or equitable liability or obligation.

  11. The buyer shall be responsible for any removal and storage of any Lot not taken away within 48 hours after the day of the Auction together with any associated costs.

  12. All lots purchased will be subject to a commission charge of 10% of the hammer price. For any purchase of less than £10, the commission charge will be rounded up to a minimum of £1.

  13. Any lots purchased via the on-line easyliveauction.com auction service (ELA) will be subject to an additional charge over and above the normal commission charges for those buyers bidding in person at the auction. Details of these charges and the options available will be shown at the sign-in stage of using the ELA service.

  14. Payments to TA may be made at Elleray Hall by cash or debit/credit card.

  15. For buyers who cannot pay in person, payments must be made by bank transfer.

  16. Lots not cleared from the auction rooms after 2 working days risk a storage charge of £1 per lot per day.

  17. In the event of goods not being paid for twenty days after the sale TA may take steps necessary to recover the purchase price, (this could include debt collection, re-sale or legal action) dependent on the circumstances.

  18. All non-payers will be banned from all future auctions.

Postage Policy

  1. All items must be paid for in full before a postage and packaging quotation can be arranged.

  2. We only ship to UK destinations with a valid postcode.

  3. We charge a packing fee of £5 for the first lot plus an additional 50p for all additional lots paid for and despatched at the same time.

  4. The cost of postage will be payable in addition to the packing fee.

  5. We do not take any responsibility for any damage to items once they have been despatched. All risks and liabilities are with the buyer.

  6. The options available to you are:
    1. Royal Mail Special Delivery;
      This is the only option for jewellery. It is also the only option for packages where the total value of the contents of the package is greater than £50. For these purposes, the individual values of items are taken to mean the hammer prices of those items;
    2. Royal Mail second-class, signed-for
    3. 48 hr courier.
  7. Royal Mail size restrictions mean that the wrapped contents must fit in a box sized not greater than 61cm x 46cm x 46cm. If your wrapped purchases exceed this size, more than one box will need to be packaged up; this does not change the packing charges but will result in extra postage costs.

  8. Teddington Auctions Ltd are not professional packers or shippers but will endeavour to pack items with care.

  9. There are some items which, due to their nature, size or weight, we are unable to despatch to buyers; these items will have this fact noted on the individual auction listing.




           07596 100317 / 07596 100294